Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Wedding Day 7.9.11

Better late than never. So many of you have been asking me to post more pictures and tell you all about our special day. It was one of thee most amazing days of our lives. I couldn't wait any longer to be married to my high school sweetheart of 6 years. My mom and I planned my whole wedding by ourselves which was NOT EASY, but the outcome was more than what I had wished for. Everything was just perfect and NOTHING went wrong. They always say expect something to go wrong on your wedding day just if it does you won't worry too much, BUT I can honestly say that day was a gift from God. Absolute BLISS!

Here are some CANDID pictures I have from our special day, the professional ones will be another blog post. :D

Spotlight first dance.

Our flower girls

My family<3

Our beautiful cake!

One version of our centerpiece (we had short ones too)

First kiss as husband and wife :)

At the reception!

I could never ask for more. I look forward to all the new things to come for us. If you haven't seen my update video, we did get a new place to live together for the first time. I'm happier than I have ever been in my life! Here's the update video :

ALSO, should I do a video on something like "all about my wedding"? Let me know :)


  1. AWW love the picture on the bridge congrats on your new married life!!

  2. Aww I'm so happy for you Bianca! God is going to truly bless the two of you. I just got married September 24, 2011 so I know the feeling of being happier than you have ever been because I feel the same way too!

    Congrats ;0)

  3. awww... congrats love!!! it looks like such a beautiful wedding!!! wishing you & your partner all the best!

    btw, thanks for sharing the song by Adele! first time I heard it & loved it... =) did you dance this on your wedding?

  4. Defo do a "all about my wedding" video!!! Im getting married to my partner of 7yrs and would be really nice to hear about your wedding :) also could you do a separate video on wedding makeup looks and not just the typical natural look p.s. your makeup was beautiful! x

  5. God bless, love all your make up tutorials.

  6. Congrats! I'd love to see a tutorial on your wedding makeup and hair, but maybe you've already done one? I'll go look! ;)

  7. aw, that's so nice, you look beautiful! btw, we have the same bday of oct 29!!

  8. Your dress is amazing! And the centerpieces - great idea :)
    xx Brigita

  9. awww.. so beautiful

  10. Please do a video on your wedding makeup. It would help me a lot since I am getting married this year. please :)