Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a ball of excitement!

So I started school on Monday, so if you were wondering where I've been well there you go. Senior semester is going to be so loooong, but so well worth it. I'm going to the best Cosmo school in my area and I love it:) Thanks Mom and Dad! Hair shows galore, a spring show for us students to compete in, real clients to practice on and not manikins! Yay! I'm also planning on continuing my skills in makeup and hopefully make it to school at Makeup ForEver in LA! In my wildest dreams! I have a few lined up already just in case.

Anyway, I finally got my shipment of NYX makeup in from the Dollar Gallore sale, so the video will hopefully be up by this weekend. Till then thank you all for following me on Twitter and subscribing to my YouTube and myspace, etc...

Love love love,

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  1. Good luck for your studies...i'm glad you'll continue with makeup

    eagerly waiting for ur NYX haul